Appzillon  Corporate Banking

A One Stop Solution For All Business Banking Needs

The corporate banking space has finally started taking advantage of the technology advancements that are disruptively changing the banking and financial sector. And at i-exceed, we use cutting-edge technologies and practices to help banks offer world-class products and services to their corporate customers.

In our experience of working with leading banks worldwide, we have realized that the one size fits all approach does not cut it while delivering digital solutions. Appzillon Corporate Banking from i-exceed consists of readymade, yet customizable solutions that help banks to forge effective and engaging relationships with their corporate customers. Designed for smart phones, tablets, and browsers, the solutions cover all touch points for a bank’s customers, and staff.

The solutions cater to a wide range of business entities – micro businesses, small and medium businesses, large businesses, and conglomerates.

Corporate banking

Key features

  • Relationship Overview
  • Current Accounts
  • Deposits
  • Investments
  • Loans
  • Cards
  • Liquidity Management
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Trade Finance
  • Supply Chain Finance
  • Transfers
  • Payments
  • Service Requests
  • Utilities
  • Notifications
  • Onboarding
  • Configurable Workflows
  • Personalized and Contextual
  • Instant Service Delivery
  • Leaner Infrastructure
  • Rapid Implementation
  • Readymade, yet fully customizable
  • Real Time Insights

Solution Benefits

  • Reduction in onboarding time from 5 weeks to 2 days
  • Future ready, flexible and configurable presentation layer

Appzillon Agency Banking is a powerful solution for any bank or financial institution that is planning to aggressively expand their customer base. The solution leverages our decades of experience in building banking solutions and will ensure enhanced customer engagement and satisfaction levels. Institutions would also achieve improved process efficiency and profitability due to the reduction in operational and infrastructural costs.

Appzillon Edge

Platform Driven: Appzillon Corporate Onboarding has been developed using Appzillon, an award-winning low-code application development platform. The platform driven approach provides unparalleled flexibility in developing, delivering, and maintaining digital solutions.

Multi Experience Support: Appzillon uses a single code base for all supported experiences such as mobile, web, kiosk, chat, etc. This approach makes it easy to introduce new features across channels quickly.Â

Micro App Architecture: Appzillon follows micro-app-architecture that breaks down features in an app into granular yet fully functional units that are reusable and modular.

Open, Secure, and Scalable: Appzillon uses industry standard technologies. It follows a robust and performance driven scalable architecture to support secure interactions and high volumes.

AI Powered: Appzillon includes a repository of machine learning models that can be seamlessly integrated into various areas such as chatbots, product recommendation engines, predictive analytics, etc.

End-to-End Automation Driven: Appzillon follows a unique development approach to build screens, controllers and integration adapters automatically from enterprise service definitions. It also supports automated regression.


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