Digital Experience Platform

Digital Transformation Redefined

Appzillon Digital Experience Platform is an award-winning low-code visual app development platform designed to help enterprises transform their legacy systems into future ready digital solutions. The platform encompasses a cutting edge approach to visually building digital solutions by dragging and dropping digital components and automatically integrating them with legacy systems in an agile, secure, and scalable way.

Apps generated by Appzillon Digital Experience Platform leverage a future ready architecture that is fully optimized to run on multiple channels with high performance levels, lightning fast response rates, and the smoothest transitions. With its build once and run anywhere with a single code base philosophy, deploying apps on mobile, web, and chat interfaces is as easy as saying 1, 2, 3, go!

The architecture of the platform is based on a micro app based approach that simplifies the app development process by breaking down the entire app development project at a micro / granular level into small functional building blocks, also known as micro-apps. Read more

The AI embedded in the platform enables banks to integrate ML models seamlessly into their process flows to ensure superior customer experiences. Read more

Appzillon Digital Experience Platform has featured amongst the best platforms as part of Gartner Mobile App Development Platforms Magic Quadrant Report 2017 and Forrester Low Code App Development Platforms Wave Report 2017.

Key Features

Low-Code Visual App Development
Micro App Architecture
Automated Development
AI Capablities
Omni Channel Support
Engaging User Experience
App Administration
Robust Security
Appzillon Digital Repository

Over the years, Appzillon has become the trusted name by major financial institutions as a class-leading development platform for enterprise-wide digital transformation. Today, several tier 1 banks harness the power of Appzillon to build enterprise-wide control apps.In fact, many banking and non-banking finance institutions use Appzillon for developing the full stack of their digital banking offerings.

With over 70 banks worldwide using Appzillon and an active customer base of over 5 million users, enterprises can be assured of taking new apps to the market at lightning speed in a cost effective and secure way.

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