Open Banking and its Impact on Traditional Banking

The banking and finance sector has started undergoing a lot of change since the start of the digital revolution and ‘Open Banking’ is one such disruption that is poised to change banking forever.

Micro App Architecture – The New Way to Build Enterprise Apps

For most people, their first exposure to the word ‘app’ would have been

Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, and the Future of Digital Banking

“Banking is necessary. Banks are not.”

Chatbots and the Rise of AI in Banking

When is the last time you checked your phone? Chances are, not long ago.

i-exceed Recognized as Samsung’s 2016 Mobile B2B: ISV Partner of the Year

Intimate Banking-Powered by Wearable Technology

When mobile phones first made their way into mainstream usage

Demonetization 2016 – Heyday for FinTech in India

Demonetization 2016 – Heyday for FinTech.....

Working at i-exceed: a cherishing experience

Humour me a little... Allow me to paint my first day in office for you... pin-drop silence for most of the...

Bank, Customer and IT Dilemma? Is there…

When I asked myself a question ‘when was the last time I logged into a full-fledged website for doing...

Is the Indian Enterprise Market…

Much of the technology analyst mind space in the recent past has been devoted towards the...

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