Digital Experience Development Platform
Powering Rapid Digital Transformation

Powering Rapid Digital Transformation

Appzillon, from i-exceed, is an award winning low-code digital experience development platform that ensures rapid digital transformation of your enterprise. The platform converts legacy systems into future ready digital solutions with zero compromise on functionality, user engagement, and security.

The visual development approach adopted by the platform leverages pre-built micro apps, templates, widgets and integration adapters so that building and deploying multichannel apps is quick and efficient.

With its build once and run anywhere philosophy, deploying apps on mobile, web, and chat interfaces takes place in the shortest possible time.

Apps generated by Appzillon Digital Experience Development Platform leverage a future ready architecture that is fully optimized to run on multiple channels with high performance levels, lightning fast response rates, and the smoothest transitions.

Appzillon Digital Experience Development Platform has featured amongst the best platforms as part of Gartner’s Magic Quadrant Reports and Forrester Wave Reports.

Platfrom Overview.

Appzillon IDE

Appzillon IDE provides an integrated development environment to design apps for smartphones, tablets, desktops, and laptops.  The IDE includes the following productivity enablers amongst others –

  • Low-code visual development environment
  • Comprehensive widget and theme portfolio
  • Rich chart gallery for data visualization
  • Extensive native feature support

Appzillon Server

Appzillon Server facilitates interactions between the front-end and the underlying enterprise systems. Some of the features Appzillon server provides include –

  • Ensures secure communication between device and application tier
  • Authenticates, manages and validates user activity
  • Generates adapters for integrating with external services
  • Creates audit logs to enables app usage analytics

Appzillon Admin

Appzillon Admin provides extensive controls to manage the apps generated using the platform and generate usage analytics. Some of the maintenance tasks back office teams can before using Appzillon Admin include –

  • Enables configuration of security parameters
  • Allows role and users management for access control
  • Facilitates device group definition and initiation of push notifications
  • Provides access to audit logs and pre-defined app usage dashboards

Platfrom Edge / The Appzillon Edge

Micro App Based Architecture

The micro app based architecture of the platform simplifies the app development process by breaking down the entire app development at a micro level into small fully functional building blocks known as micro apps. Read more

Inbuilt AI and ML Support

The AI embedded in the platform enables enterprises to deploy ML models seamlessly into their process flows to ensure tailor made and delightful customer experiences. Read more

Digital Repository

Appzillon Digital Repository is an application that helps enterprises centralise their digital assets at the lowest granular level to improve findability and reusability of digital assets. Some of the different types of digital assets available in the repository include –

  • Micro apps and micro components
  • Themes and widgets
  • Static and dynamic templates
  • Native Extensions

Robust Security

Appzillon generates apps that follow a multi-layer app design and incorporate in-depth security mechanism in each layer of the solution. The main security features provided by our proposed solution are

  • Multifactor Authentication
  • OWASP Vulnerability Protection
  • Secure Data Transmission
  • Comprehensive Audit Logs

Key features

  • Low-Code Visual App Development
  • AI Capablities
  • Scalability
  • AI CapablitiesAppzillon Digital Repository
  • Micro App Architecture
  • Omni Channel Support
  • App Administration
  • Internationalization
  • Automated Development
  • Engaging User Experience
  • Robust Security

Platform Benefits

Appzillon Digital Experience Digital Platform enables enterprises to rapidly deliver digital solutions with the following features

Over the years, Appzillon Digital Experience Development Platform has become the trusted name by financial institutions worldwide as a class-leading platform for rapid digital transformation. Today, several tier 1 banks, regional banks, small finance institutions, and non-banking financial institutions harness the power of the platform to build enterprise-wide control apps. In fact, many banking and non-banking finance institutions use Appzillon for developing the full stack of their digital offerings.

With over 75 banks and financial institutions worldwide using Appzillon and an active customer base of over 7 million users, enterprises can be assured of taking new apps to the market at lightning speed in a cost effective and secure way.

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