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Most people would have heard the word ‘app’ for the first time when Apple launched their app store in 2008. However, app building has been around for more than half a century and back in the day they were known as applications or programs.

Today, in spite of technological advancements that have simplified the app development process, building enterprise apps still costs a lot of time and money. One of the biggest reasons enterprises face challenges while building apps is because of their ambition to build all-rounder apps. While this isn’t a bad thing to desire, this monolithic approach results in a lot of the built-in functionality being unused with user friendliness and customer adoption rates flying out of the window.

Enter micro-app-architecture – The new and efficient approach to building enterprise apps.

Micro app architecture allows development of complex apps by assembling smaller pieces rather than building the entire app from scratch. The approach breaks down the conventional monolithic app development approach into a reusable, modular, and scalable process with micro apps.

Micro apps offer enterprises a wide range of capabilities with their laser focussed task based functionality. These functionalities could range from a simple query operation to a complex multi stage transaction. Micro apps consist of CIs (configuration items) across all tiers viz., front-end screens, scripts, middleware processors, enterprise service connectors, audit log services, etc. So, they can be designed independently. At the same time, the unique structure of micro apps allows them to inherit certain properties of the base app such as visual attributes, date formats, number formats, etc. This reduces the need to change micro apps when they are placed in a base app and increases the reusability of micro apps significantly.

Micro App Architecture


Since micro apps can be developed and tested independently, they help in streamlining that app development approach. They can also be clubbed together with other micro apps on need basis to build bigger and more complex micro apps.

The micro apps approach simplifies the app development process from the ground up by breaking down the entire app development project at a micro level into small functional building blocks and combines each of these blocks to build fully functional complex apps. The result is a systematic approach to building a complex app that is simple to comprehend for current as well as future IT teams.

Appzillon Marketplace


With a repository of micro apps such as Appzillon Marketplace, IT teams can quickly discover the relevant micro apps and reuse in building any new enterprise apps. It helps organizations in achieving significant reduction in time and effort spent.

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